Proje: MeYouMe Meeting:

MeYouMe Meeting:

A meeting – a journey there and back – from ME to YOU. A meeting between the green of the earth and the blue of the sea. The sea is the Mediterranean: crossroads for people, travels, economic exchanges, cultural interlacements. The earth is made of those people, faces and stories that surround, cross and live this sea.

MeYouMe is the Mediterranean youth meeting. For those young people who take part in their country’s life. For those young people who look at the Mediterranean area pointing out its current pressing problems and great challenges. Young people from different cultural, religious, economic and political contexts of the Mediterranean area. Young people that meet up in order to build a Mediterranean area of peace, dialogue, active citizenship, development.

The goals To develop attitude for communication among young people living in different cultural, religious, economic and political context all over the Mediterranean area; To encourage youth’s leading role in the elaboration of policies related to development and social inclusion; To encourage the creation of common projects among youth organizations from different countries; To press people in charge of local and national governments of the Mediterranean area and international bodies for a more incisive promotion of youth policies. MeYouMe allows young people from these organizations to show the international community their expectations and the commitments they want to honour.


About 200 young people aged between 18 to 30 from all over the Mediterranean area will join the meeting. Young people in charge of youth and students’ associations. They will meet in order to share their experiences of commitment in different territorial, social and cultural contexts as well as to develop mutual acquaintance to possibly create common projects.

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